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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  July 10, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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debt showdown. president obama week with congressional leaders about cutting that deficit. the new deadline and are they any closer to the deal? >> planes intercepted. >> there is a lot of restricted
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airspace are around here. >> at least three small planes in a restricted airspace in the d.c. region. a maryland woman is dead and police are revealing disturbing new details about the suspect. more heat and humidity in the forecast. what you need to know. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts now. live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00. on yours side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> the president met with top congressional leaders to work out a deal on reducing that deficit. the talks are tied to a deal to raise the debt ceiling. a deal must be struck by august 2, or the consequences might be disasters. as for the tone of tonight's meeting? some are describing it as testy. jay korff is live on capitol hill. >> certainly a very rare sunday negotiations at the white house
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but no deal and yet another deadline. house majority leader eric cantor headed to the white house sunday night to sit down with president obama and congressional leaders to start the difficult and necessary process of solving a national fiscal crisis in 10 days. the deadline set by the president himself. the meeting ended 75 minutes later without comment or agreement. both sides are bickering over raising the countries the debt limit, the amount of money the u.s. can borrow. they are tackling the deficit reduction. democratic leaders are opposed to changes to entitlement programs while republicans insist on deeper spending cuts and are opposed to a tax increase. >> something is going to have to give. it is not clear who will accept it, on short notice. >> the immediate concern is
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august 2. if an agreement is not reached by then, the nation goes into default. if that happens, you will see a catastrophic damage across the american and global economy. the president is pushing for $4 trillion it 10-year plan. this weekend the house speaker rejected it, calling for a deal half that size. >> to get that package would require tax increases. it is a job killer. >> this is a tough political fight, but he did not come to this town to do little things. he came to do big things. >> it should be a very busy monday for the president. he is expected to hold a press conference in the morning and resumed negotiations with congressional leaders. for instant updates log on to our website fighter jets intercepted
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three planes this weekend for getting too close to camp david. the president was at the retreat when two of the incidents happened. kris van cleave is live with why the air space is so difficult to navigate. >> it is a short flight to camp david. take a look at this map. theyse gray areas off limits. up here is camp david. this circle, closed airspace. when the president is here, see how much bigger the area get? this is where the planes were this weekend. >> when you fly toward hagerstown, you have to be careful. >> before he took off for ocean city he was sure to double check the air space near camp david. >> mistakes happen, and there is a lot of restricted airspace and you have to stay on top of that.
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>> there have been mistakes this weekend. fighters were sent to escort three different planes of restricted airspace around the retreat in the last two days. when the president is there, the size of the no-fly zone doubles. in the last month norad scrambled fighters to intercept five planes that got too close. >> it is easy to find out. >> if you get your pre-flight briefing and have your charts and everything, it becomes -- it shouldn't happen. >> the d.c. area has some of the most controlled airspace in the country. in 2005, the capital and white house were evacuated when a cessna ventured well into the airspace. among those affected, then senator barack obama. a student pilot says he is not surprised heard >> you are aware of when those restrictions are
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up? >> we are locally but that does not mean somebody coming from another state or another airport would know that automatically. >> now usually when these incursions happen is because of one of the handful of things -- a student pilot, a pilot not familiar, or somebody who gets disoriented and drifts into restricted airspace. there is not a connection between the five flights. those pilots will not have questions to answer from federal authorities. also new at 11:00 a deadly crash in haymarket, va. before 4:30 this afternoon in the 2900 block of james madison high wind. but dodge caravan crashed. the female driver was pronounced dead at the scene. following breaking news at a
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prince george's county homicide case. there has been an arrest and the murder of a blade and spur business owner. the 69-year-old was found dead inside his convenience store. firefighters discovered his body after they put out at fire. police will hold a news conference with more details tomorrow morning at 11:00. the search is on for a man suspected of killing a frederick, maryland woman. police are looking for melton smith. he shot and killed tranice richardson on friday night. they had been dating. he was the father of one of their four children. >> she said she was scared, because he was stalking her. the next day that's when i got the call. >> richardson says his daughter
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attempted to get a protective order. smith has a 2000 manslaughter conviction for killing a man when 16 years old. tomorrow, lawyers for albert haynesworth will head to court on his exsex abuse charge. haynesworth is accused of groping a cocktail waitress at the w hotel in february. one of his attorney says his client is innocent. funeral services will be held this week for former first lady betty ford. a memorial service will be held tuesday morning in palm desert. another service will be held in grand rapids, michigan. on thursday, she will be buried next to rest and at the ford museum in grand rapids. drivers in prince george's
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county may want to slow down. they could see speed cameras in their neighborhood. set up at 100 locations, half of them near schools. drivers caught going over 12 miles over the speed limit could face a $40 fine. critics say the cameras are money-makers. d.c. is known for its hot summers. where does it rank compared to other cities? the weather channel says the district is the sixth hottest city in the country. we average 86.2 degrees in the summer. yuma ariz., montgomery, alabama, wichita kansas or ranked higher. d.c. will live up to its reputation early this week. hot, humid? >> you got it. we want to look for sunshine mixed in along with
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thunderstorms. the heat making a comeback. we will feel a big difference for the day tomorrow. the temperature right now is 82 at reagan national airport. 81 in quantico. your weather headlines are warm and humid overnight. another hot day tomorrow and the potential for thunderstorms on tuesday, once a cold front moves through. we have cooler, less humid air on the way. better news in just a few minutes. still to come on abc 7 news, a tragedy at an amusement park. a war veteran dies of a rollercoaster. the latest on the investigation. plus, keeping a close eye. nasa is monitoring a potentially dangerous situation near the space shuttle. prince william and catherine's tour i ss
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ultra soft. you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00. on your side. many of you watched a diane
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sawyer's interview with kidnap victim jaycee dugard. she was 11 years old when she was kidnapped from california by phillip garrido. dugard was held for 18 years and gave birth to two children. during times and her captivity she was out in public. she is asked why she did not try to escape. >> my manipulation plus the physical abuse i suffered in the beginning. there was no leaving. maybe if one of the girls would be hurt. >> and everyone who thinks that an impulse would be to scoop them up and run -- >> i was told the outside world was dangerous. >> jaycee dugard was discovered in 2009. she is 31 and trying to build a new life for herself and her children. last month, a judge sentenced phillip garrido to 431 years in
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prison. hiws wife nancy was given 36 years for her role in the crime. it two days after a disabled war veteran was killed on a roller coaster, investigators are trying to figure out what caused the accident. the ride of steel in upstate new york remains closed tonight. on friday, the sergeant was thrown from the right. he lost both his legs while serving in the iraq war. nasa is keeping a close eye on a piece of space junk. it is worried that that objects may come close to the international space station. it is expected to make its approach on tuesday as astronauts are expected to take a space walk. the crew will spend the next week on loading 7,000 pounds of equipment. the final copy of britain's
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biggest tabloid hit newsstands today. the "news of the world" issued a full-page apology. rupert murdoch is in london to deal with the crisis. another of his properties, "the sunday times with >> reports that more arrests are expected. there are gone, but they will not soon be forgotten. will and kate's north american tour is over. earlier, a reporter asked kate how she liked her trip? >> how was your trip to the u.s.? >> i really enjoyed it thank you. >> it was a busy trip for the duke and duchess. they've visited los angeles's skid row and toured an arts academy. and then they stopped at a jobs fair. >> this is my last stop but it
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is a one of the most important. it is about men and women who choose to put their lives on the line for their country. >> will and kate later boarded the plane from los angeles and are headed back to britain tonight. this was the couple's first overseas trip since their wedding in april. a big trip. >> many miles. >> nice weather in los angeles. a good thing they are not coming here because of the heat. many folks are headed out to the delmarva beaches. tomorrow looks like a nice day and a chance for thunderstorms on thursday. outside at this hour mainly clear skies. our temperatures are falling through the 70's. many will wake up with temperatures in the mid to upper 60's. high temperature today once again, above 90 degrees at reagan national. 91 the official high. 105, the official record in 197
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36. the dewpoint hovering around the 7800 degree mark. 76 and potomac. a high of 90 degrees. in the district, 84 degrees. but beach delaware, 79 degrees. 84 for an afternoon temperature -- in rehoboth beach. caribou maine at 67 degrees. compare that to the heat out west. 92 in st. louis. look at the dewpoint level. this on the way for tomorrow and into the day on tuesday. we look for a heat index that will approach 100 degrees. and he advisory for ohio. warnings from memphis tomorrow -- the heat advisory on for
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ohio. code orange tomorrow for the washington metro area. our satellite and radar. in the clear skies across the mid-atlantic. this is the next cold front that will bring relief from the heat, but we have to wait until late in the day on tuesday. beach forecast tomorrow, 85 degrees, scattered clouds, a few thunderstorms on tuesday with temperatures around 86. water temperature of around 70. the next 48 hours a 20% chance of showers tomorrow afternoon. not going to amount to a lot. a front moves through on tuesday giving us a better chance for thunderstorms across the entire area. our forecast tonight -- warm and humid. extended outlook. temperatures around 96 degrees for the day on tuesday. there is the cooler air. it will ride thursday and
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friday. my pick for the upcoming week in terms of beautiful weather. head over to take a look at the latest forecast. coming up, what tops the box office. >> it's over.
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if you prefer machines over man, machines and one out. the third edition of "transformers". "zookeeper," "cars 2" and "bad teacher" round out the top 5. >> i haven't seen one "transformer" all the way through. >> you watched women's soccer. >> goosebumps all the way through. for all of us that washed team usa, in the quarter finals.
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the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. the quarterfinals of the women's world cup was one to talk about for years.
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the usa-brazil put on a show. two minutes played and shanno shoots. it is deflected into the goal. it stays that way. charging the next. the red card comes out. the u.s. loses a player. on top of that brazil sets up 4 penalties. but the americans moved early. that's an encroachment. solo gets a yellow card. they kick again. 1-1 in the 92n'dd minute. marta on the left foot. the u.s. is playing with one less player. the last minute of extra time. out in front of the goal.
11:27 pm
abby wambach with the goal. on the third kick, another save by hope solo. if alexandria's allie can score -- she does. they win. the u.s. showed grit. >> that is a perfect example of what this country has been about. we never git up. >> you wonder is that our time, will it be our tournament? i knew abby would come up ubig. big. when it counts, she comes up big. >> can they win? 2 more games. the nationals are a .500 team. a nice win over the rockies. roger bernardino.
11:28 pm
bottom of the eighth. rick at the plate and launches. out of there. it's gone. 2-0. and that's how it ends. the break comes at a good time. >> it's big. we're going to atlanta. we need a break. we have been playing some tough ballgames. it is a good time for us to get a break. i tell them enjoy it. speaking of battles the red sox and orioles had a battle all series long. there were two fights. two players fought. whelan was ejected. gonzalez answering maybe? the umpire, says you're out
11:29 pm
of the game. buck showalter out of the game, too. the futures game. bryce haperrper had a tough day. 0-4 with 2 strikeouts. austin with the base knock to left. u.s. team won 6-4. tiger woods has called up his favorite reporter for an interview tomorrow. he is said to be ready to make an important announcement. a lot of speculation, but no one knows what tiger is going to announce. stay tuned. >> what you think he is going to say? >> i have no clue. he could be engaged, out for the season. who [ female announcer ] welcome
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the heat and humidity is back for tomorrow. the daytime high temperatures around 95 degrees. [laughter] 96 on tuesday. cooler drier air. it's sunday night. check out the forecast. >> hot and humid. thanks for watching. "washington weekly" coming up
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